We have a privilege here at Cycling Jewellery of occasionally being asked to tweak a design or create something completely new and ground-breaking to our customer’s desire. It’s always great to hear, “we love your designs but…” as there is an opportunity to go beyond the “but” to create something perfectly tailored and wonderfully individual.

Bespoke jewellery is something we do day in, day out here at our workshop, as we manufacture fine jewellery to the trade and to our discerning private clients. So it’s only natural to offer that precise thing with cycling jewellery, after all there’s no two of us identical on this planet – why limit your imagination?

We’ve had the pleasure of making individually tailored jewellery for cycling Olympians and enthusiasts around the globe, and we will personally lead you through the entire process to ensure your customised piece is everything you could hope for.

So whether it’s gold, silver or platinum, a statement piece, a commemorative item, a club tag/pendant or a gift for a loved one, we are only a phone call away!