Downhill mountain bike racing is one of the most watched of all cycling events. This is time trial on an exciting and extreme terrain! Starting at intervals competitors race, graded usually from the slowest to the fastest, with a single sometimes double attempt, at gaining the fastest time.

Riders must remain in between the course tape which lines the route, if this is broken then they must re enter via the exit point and race to the finish line, using the shortest possible and most direct route at the highest speed. It’s fast and exciting, with races often taking between two to five minutes to complete, on terrain that’s usually steep and ridden with obstacles and many technical challenges.

In the UK, the main mountain biking downhill tracks are in Scotland, Wales and Northern England. With a competitive, strong racing calender we proudly boast many top downhill champions, with Danny Hart, Gee Atherton and Rachel Atherton to name a few!

We have our very own local and national champions on our doorstep and are very proud to know them personally! Luke Birkett and Adam Beaty of Threlkled Keswick, both shown on the podium at the recent Scottish Downhill Series at Fort William.

Luke’s first full season this year has been fantastic, with 13 races and 13 podium finishes! He is the top juvenile in the UK, taking the lead with British Cycling. He has also won English and National Championships, as well as the Overall Winner at the Scottish Downhill Series.  You can find out more about Luke Birkett here.

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Mountain Biking Winners

“Team rider Luke Birkett took the win in the Juvenile category with a brilliant time of 5 minutes 19 seconds winning with over 6 seconds to spare. Luke also took the overall series win after coming 1st 4 out the 5 rounds, with winning the English Champs, UK national Champs, 2nd in the British Downhill Series overall, Luke has certainly been busy this year taking home 13 podiums and still a couple more races to go. Well done mate!” Weldtite

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