Cycling Jewellery Gift Making

All of our jewellery is designed and made in our family run workshop in Keswick, Cumbria. We thought you might like an inside view of what goes on behind the scenes, so below we’ve detailed the process behind a recent bespoke piece…for a cycling Olympian no less!

It all starts with a customer coming to us with a gift idea…we always relish the challenge! We discuss the design of the piece in depth before moving on to the Computer Aided Design (CAD) stage.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

We use special software to produce a computer model of the piece for the client’s review and approval.

Making Cycling Jewellery

Cycling Jewellery gift making 1

Once we’ve got it perfect, it’s ready to be made into a wax model, which allows the client to see the design in 3D. The wax model will then be used in the lost wax casting process that we use on sitCycling Jewellery Gift Making 2The wax model is prepared for casting in the metal of choice, mainly silver, gold or platinum. In this case, the piece was made of silver and 9ct red gold.

cycling Jewellery Gift Making 4

Once cast, the items are cut from the tree, then prepared and assembled. Each piece is then individually worked on by hand, as this ensures the finest finish – attention to detail is of the up-most importance!

Cycling Jewellery Gift Making 3

Ta-dah! The finished item is almost ready for dispatch. The final stage is hallmarking; the items is sent to the Assay Office to be tested and stamped (hallmarked), which guarantees the metal standard used. This dates back over 700 years in the UK, and represents the oldest form of consumer protection.

Once the piece is hallmarked, we wrap it in a beautiful Cycling Jewellery gift box and dispatch it to the client.

cycling jewellery gift

 Bespoke Cycling Jewellery Gifts

Got a great cycling jewellery gift idea? Use our bespoke service and we will personally lead through the entire creation process to ensure your customised piece is everything you hoped for – personal and unique.

We can create stunning pieces using precious metal and gemstones of your choice, and can even incorporate gems from family heirlooms into a totally new design. Visit our bespoke page for more information.

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